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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee | UC Davis

Department of Sociology | University of California, Davis
Making visible the hidden curriculum of graduate school for 1st-generation, racial/ethnic minority, and foreign-born students

Session Organizer 

(2024) "Immigrant Youth and Education" Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP)

(2024) "Education Inequality and Possibilities" Pacific Sociological Association (PSA)

(2023) "Sociology of Education" California Sociological Association (CSA)

(2023) "Dreamers Assemble: 1.5-Gen Immigrant Youths and a Sense of Belonging" Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) 
(2022) "Foreign-Born Youth: Challenges and Experiences in Educational Organizations" (SSSP)
(2021) "Immigrant Youth and Access to Higher Education" (SSSP)

Student Advisory Editor | Social Problems 

(2016-2021) Society for the Study of Social Problems - SSSP

Graduate Representative
International Migration (ASA)
Sociology of Education Association (SEA)

  • International Migration Newsletter

  • Job Market Panel

  • Best Book or Paper Award Committee

  • SEA Social Media: monthly "SEA Highlight" of accomplishments by graduate students and post-PhDs affiliated with SEA

Colloquium Committee | UC Davis

Department of Sociology. Colloquium Speakers:

Contribution to Diversity


Ukraine Global Scholars

Working with this non-profit organization, I mentor low-income, high-achieving Ukrainian youth aspiring to attend college in the U.S., helping them through the college-application process.


Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) | University of California, Davis

  • First-generation and low-income students


Office of Undergraduate Education | University of California, Davis

  • First-generation undergraduate students

  • Transfer students

  • Undocumented students


Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) | San Diego State University

  • Translate research findings into actionable recommendations

  • Collaboratively identify program needs with EOP staff (e.g., high school students' educational expectations and college dropout factors)

Scholarship Founder

IScholar website

I created this scholarship to support college-going underserved high school students. I personally fund this scholarship using my graduate student stipend.

Culturally-Responsive Teaching

University of California, Davis

  • Use inclusive language (e.g., I explain American idioms for non-native speakers and avoid gendered language)

  • Establish “community agreements” with my students for a safe, non-judgmental, classroom environment 

  • Use active learning techniques that focus on peer-to-peer engagement (e.g., “Pass it Down” activity where students provide classmates with short written feedback on an assignment live during class, allowing each student to participate) 

  • Engage all students. Class evaluations highlight that I “foster participation from everyone”

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