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Teenage Students Raising Hands


A Scholarship for 1stGen College-Going Youth


IScholar is a competitive scholarship for disadvantaged college-going youth.

COMMON PROBLEM: most scholarship & financial aid recipients receive their awards several weeks AFTER the start of their freshmen semester and as a result are already “in the hole” for the cost of room/board, fees, and tuition. 

THE ISCHOLAR DIFFERENCE: our program provides the scholarship award to the winner several weeks BEFORE the start of the students’ freshmen semester.

GIVING BACK: IScholar has set a longterm goal to raise $83,080, which is the estimated 4-year cost of fees, room/board, and tuition (source: CollegeBoard). Currently, IScholar is a small scholarship that is working on growth. Our first goal is to raise $1,000. Whether you can give $100, $50, or $25, everything helps.

Black and White Students


IScholar is a competitive scholarship program that seeks to increase diversity across college and university institutions by helping diverse (racially/ethnically, immigrant background) students and first-generation college students (first in their family to go to college) with financial hardships.

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